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Watch this five-month-old work out like a boss

Watch this five-month-old work out like a boss

Michelle works out with son Austin.—Screengrab via Instagram/@fitstagram.michelle

A five-month-old baby is gaining popularity for working out like a boss with his fitness freak mother.

Michelle, baby Austin’s mother, posts fitness content on Instagram and has more than 75,000 followers. 

She recently started posting videos of her infant accompanying her in the workouts. The little boy even managed a short plank. 

In a recent video, Michelle teaches her son yoga.

In a video posted earlier, the little guy managed to attempt a baby plank. The video said: “Strong like mom.”

Social media users adore the baby-mother duo and send lots of love to Austin.

“Look at his form!! Impressive!!????????????” a user wrote.

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“Had you shared without the picture I would say you are exaggerating, but this is classic!!!!” another user expressed their awe. 

Other people called it the “coolest” and the “cutest” thing they had seen.

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