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Travis Kelce reveals extravagant gifts he and Patrick Mahomes gifted Chiefs teammates

Travis Kelce reveals extravagant gifts he and Patrick Mahomes gifted Chiefs teammates

Travis Kelce revealed what he and Patrick Mahomes gifted their teammates on the Kansas City Chiefs for Christmas 2023.

In the latest episode of his podcast New Heights with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, the 34-year-old Chiefs tight end explained how he and quarterback Mahomes spoiled their teammates with Christmas gifts this year.

Travis revealed that Mahomes bought the entire Chiefs offensive line electric golf carts customized with each of their names and numbers, which the Super Bowl champion dubbed “pretty sweet.” He said that when Mahomes gave them the gifts last week, he tried “to get out of the parking lot” as fast as possible because some players had taken to driving their carts at 35 miles per hour. He added, “Everybody’s just flying around, those things are street-legal.”

On the team’s Instagram, a video seemingly confirmed Travis’s story, showing various members of the team’s offensive line zooming around in the souped-up red golf carts. The video was captioned, “QB1 took care of the guys who keep him clean.”

The Chiefs tight end also shared that he took a page out of Mahomes’s book, and instead of participating in the team’s gift exchange as they have in the past, he gifted each of his teammates velour jumpsuits designed by him and luxury sportswear designer Daniel Patrick.

After Travis revealed his 2023 Christmas gifts, Jason quipped, “I don’t know why, I don’t like velour,” which led his brother to giggle and cheekily reply, “I got you one too.” Jason added, “Actually, if it’s from you, I’ll like it,” and both brothers ducked off camera, laughing. “Ah, you can’t make this s*** up people,” Travis remarked.

Jason gave listeners some insight into how the Eagles celebrated this year’s Christmas, sharing that the offensive line had a white elephant gift exchange. According to Jason, a flamethrower was the most coveted gift, with many teammates stealing it from one another. “What, is somebody going to war?” Travis joked. “What the f*** are we doing?”

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Jason revealed that it was Eagles guard Cameron Jurgens who ultimately scored the gift, adding: “He’s definitely coming over to our house to use the flamethrower.” He also shared past gifts he’s received from Eagles quarterbacks – including a pair of Jordans, an expensive watch, and a Louis Vuitton duffle bag – which the athlete maintains are his go-to’s to this day.

Travis spent his Christmas Day on the field, playing against the Las Vegas Raiders in a game that ultimately ended with a loss for the Chiefs, 20-14, and him leaving Arrowhead Stadium hand-in-hand with his pop star girlfriend, 12-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift.

Kansas City Star photojournalist Nick Wagner shared a photo to his Instagram of the two walking down an Arrowhead Stadium hallway together. He captioned the post, “Spent my Christmas waiting for these two lovebirds.”

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