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Transgender Actor Trinetra Haldar’s Then And Now Pic Of Jhumkas Once Worn In A Boys’ Hostel. It’s OK To Cry

Transgender Actor Trinetra Haldar’s Then And Now Pic Of Jhumkas Once Worn In A Boys’ Hostel. It’s OK To Cry

Image was shared on Instagram. (courtesy: trintrin)

Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju wears many hats. She is a doctor, actress and one of India’s first transgender content creators. Dr Trinetra made her acting debut with the second season of the web series Made In Heaven. She played the role of Meher Chaudhry in the show. The 26-year-old has been educating her Instagram audience on gender issues. Dr Trinetra has also documented her transition journeyon the social media platform. On Monday, she shared a collage on Instagram along with an elaborate note. Talking about the first picture that was clicked at the“boys hostel”,Dr Trinetra said, “Found this photo after over a year, and couldn’t help but weep a little. Gosh, I cringe so hard at old posts, I’ve stopped looking at them. How does one navigate celebrating a rough journey and honouring one’s past alongside anxiety around being cringe? I’m not too sure, but what I will never get over, what I can never unsee is a very particular sadness in the first photo. I’d taken those jhumkas from mom and tried them on in myboys’ hostelroom. That was my comfort after a long day.” 

For the second image in the collage, Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju added, “For 50 odd days on Made In Heaven, I sat in an HMU chair day after day, slowly forgetting how hard it was to access so much as one item of makeup or one piece of jewellery, let alone have it all visible to thousands of people. In navigating new worlds, chasing love, in finding newer and shinier versions of ourselves in cities as large as Bombay, it’s so easy to forget and dismiss our past selves. We started somewhere. That somewhere was worth something too.” Replying to the post, Sameera Reddy’s mother-in-law Manjri Varde said, “Being brave does not come easily. You are somewhere that will always be memorable.”

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Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju was last seen in Prime Video’s Rainbow Rishta.

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