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‘Top tier royal Duchess Camilla is the future’

‘Top tier royal Duchess Camilla is the future’

Queen Elizabeth recently said that Duchess Camilla will be the Queen when her son Prince Williams becomes the king.

Royal fans and experts were all praises for Camilla when she accompanied her husband to attend a key event to mark Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee on Thursday.

Commenting on the way people reacted to the couple’s presence at Trooping of the Colour, senior royal expert Charlie Proctor said, “Prince Charles and Camilla’s popularity rating has just shot through the roof.”

He added, “Queen Camilla is the future!’

The journalist said , “A lot of royal correspondents say that their favourite member of the family to cover is Camilla. She is fun! She will pose for pictures, is always up for a laugh, and is far from stuffy.Top tier royal.”

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His views received mixed reactions from royal fans. While some people agreed with Proctor, others mocked him for his remarks.

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