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This Is Where You Can Get Cool Nail Art In Dubai

This Is Where You Can Get Cool Nail Art In Dubai

Finding a good beauty salon that specializes in nail art in Dubai can be very challenging. Unlike cities such as Tokyo, London, or New York, where you’re spoilt for options when it comes to finding a cutting-edge nail tech, getting the next-level manicure of your dreams in the region is an onerous affair that requires lots of research (disappearing down nail art rabbit holes on TikTok), patience, and trial and error. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve taken in an inspo photo, only to leave my appointment with a manicure that looks little to nothing like the reference picture. And because it’s so difficult, a lot of times people tend to gate-keep their nail artists out of fear that they’d become too booked and busy or drive up their prices due to increasing demand. But here at MILLE, we don’t believe in withholding information, especially when it comes to something as pressing as your manicure. Below, six tested and true salons for nail art in Dubai if you’re seeking next-level claws.

Mon Petit Beauty Bar

Whether it’s bejeweled talons or chrome coffin-shaped acrylics you’re looking for, Mon Petit Beauty Bar does it all. Located in Al Barsha South, the beauty salon has a team of expert manicurists to ensure your nails are always on-point.

Monroe and Me

With two locations in Downtown and Al Barsha, Monroe and Me is always a safe bet for nail art. From ombre nails to 3D manicures, there’s nothing the beauty salon can’t do.

Ginza Beauty

The first Japanese beauty salon in Dubai, Ginza Beauty has brought over Japanese technicians to the UAE who are specialized in beautifully decorating and embellishing your nails.

SO Art + Beauty 

The beauty salon located in Galleria Mall is the go-to for the city’s It girls, including Jessica Kahawaty, who flock to the salon for bubble-dappled manicures or ultra-detailed portraits painted onto a very small canvas.

Nails by Jessa 

Jessa is a nail tech based in Dubai, offering home services for those who want the manicure of their dreams from the comfort of their living room— which makes the three-hour nail art procedure a lot more cozy.

Nails Lab

Established in 2018, anything goes at Nails Lab where creativity and self-expression roam wild and free. Whatever kind of manicure you opt for, you will never leave with boring nails.

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