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Sara Ali Khan Enjoys Authentic Goan Food, Here’s What All She Ate

Sara Ali Khan Enjoys Authentic Goan Food, Here’s What All She Ate

The ideal time to unwind and forget about nonstop phone calls, busy schedules, and the other stresses of the workweek is during vacations. And if there’s no food involved, the vacation is meaningless. Let’s agree, we all enjoy exploring different cuisines and satisfying our appetites and taste buds to the full extent. Even Bollywood stars aren’t any different in this regard. Sara Ali Khan recently took to Instagram to share snippets from her recent trip to Goa with work friends. And because she loves food so much, her vacation included some delectable meals as well! Take a look at Sara Ali Khan’s Goa food diaries:

We could see a plateful of fish curry and rice, as well as a crispy Goan cutlet, in her friend’s story. The entire meal appeared to be quite crispy and delectable. Sanky Evrus, a friend of Sara Ali Khan, posted the click on his Instagram story. “I missed you Goa,” he captioned the photo.

Don’t worry if Sara’s indulgence has made you crave Goan food. We have the recipe for you. Click here for the recipe for Goan fish curry and cutlet. It’s not the first time we have spotted the actress eating her heart out. A few days ago, Sara posted a photo of herself devouring not one, not two, but four delicious pastries. Read about it here.

Sara Ali Khan, who has ruled our hearts since the days of ‘Kedarnath,’ returns to the big screen after a long break. Sara will appear in a film directed by Laxman Utekar, alongside Vicky Kaushal in the lead role.

What do you think of Sara’s indulgences? Tell us in the comments below.

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