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Sandwich Cake Recipe: Surprise Your Loved Ones With This Delicious Creamy Cake

Sandwich Cake Recipe: Surprise Your Loved Ones With This Delicious Creamy Cake

Imagine this: You are all set to celebrate a close one’s birthday. You have the gifts ready and all the decorations set, but when it comes to baking a cake, that is where you might struggle. After all, baking a cake is no easy feat. There are so many ingredients, steps, and methods to get that perfect texture. And sometimes, even after following all the steps, your cake might not turn out the way you want it to. It could be dense, less sweet, and, if worst, it could get burnt in the oven. So, if you are new to baking and wish to skip that hectic cake-making process, how about you try a sandwich cake? Yes, you read that right! 

As the name suggests, this cake is made with bread and structured like a cake. It is the easiest alternative to making a whole cake and tastes delicious! Plus, it makes use of only a few ingredients. So, you won’t have to buy anything extra to make this cake. You can even make this cake when you are craving something sweet or want to surprise your family with a delicious dessert! Check out the full recipe below: 

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Breads can be used to make some interesting cakes. 

Sandwich Cake Recipe:  Here’s How To Make Sandwich Cake 

First, take thick bread slices and remove the corners. Now cut fruits of your choice. You can take strawberries, kiwis, mangoes, berries, and more. Then in a bowl, whip some cream. Once the cream and other ingredients are ready, take the bread, add a layer of cream, and put the fruits of your choice. Repeat the process until desired consistency. Then cover the top of this cake with some more cream and chocolate shavings. Refrigerate until set and then cut to celebrate. 

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Sounds easy to make, right?! Try out this amazing recipe for yourself. Here is the full recipe. In the comments below, let us know how this sandwich cake turned out for you! 

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