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Personality test: The circle you choose will reveal your secret traits no one knows | – Times of India

Personality test: The circle you choose will reveal your secret traits no one knows | – Times of India

There are several quizzes out there that can gauge your personality based on your answers to questions. However, many people may intentionally or unintentionally manipulate their answers by judging what aspect of their personality is being checked. To avoid this possibility, you need a personality testwherein you will be unable to guess any kind of interpretation on your own.Here is one such interesting and captivating image-based personality test.
Shared below are six different types of circles in ink. When looked at minutely, the design of each of these circles is unique. But you do not have to analyze this right now. To attempt this test, all you need to do is quickly choose the circle which attracts you the most. You do not need to justify why you are attracted to a particular design. Just quickly pick the one that speaks to you. Take not more than 5 seconds to make your decision.

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Once you have chosen your circle, scroll down below to read what your choice says about your personality.
Circle 1
If you choose the first circle, it means you are an independent person who is not much of a sharer. You are quite private about your life and have a limited, intimate circle of friends and family.
Circle 2
If you choose the second circle, it shows you are an ever-evolving and open-minded person. You give a lot of value to friendships in your life. People around you respect you for your fearless attitude.


Circle 3
If you are attracted to this circle which carries a tree at its center, your focus is always on family. You value connections, especially with your family and intentionally work towards maintaining love and unity among your family members.
Circle 4
This circle stands for your ability to rejuvenate despite the biggest challenges. The lotus acts as your symbol of strength and perseverance. The many layers of the circle represent your life’s challenges.
Circle 5
This closed circle shows you are a dynamic person. While this adds colors to your personality, you may find it difficult to commit to a particular place or person. You are also fond of traveling and enjoy exploring unseen places.

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Circle 6
The last circle represents your ability to adapt to changing circumstances. You also have a wide imagination and are able to see the world from your unique point of view.
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