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Momina Mustehsan is all set to be seen in Bilal Saeed’s song ‘Baari2’

Momina Mustehsan is all set to be seen in Bilal Saeed’s song ‘Baari2’

Last year, singers Momina Mustehsan and Bilal Saeed took the net by storm with an enchanting tune entitled ‘Baari’. The track got positive responses not just in Pakistan but around the globe it was also praised a whole lot. Mustehsan and also Saeed were overwhelmed by the reaction and also have currently, a year later on, introduced that a second part of the famous track is in the pipeline.

On Instagram, Mustehsan shared a photo from the track and wrote, “Baari was about a girl with a broken heart letting her guards down and giving love another chance. A year later, we visit them again and find out where the relationship took them. Stay tuned for Baari 2.”

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The tune has actually amassed over 89 million views since its release. Bollywood’s budding musician, Nupur Sanon, who also happens to be the sibling of Indian celebrity Kriti Sanon, also sang Baari because of the huge selection of requests she had obtained from her followers.”Got a lot of requests for a singing snippet. So here I go with my absolute favourite,” she wrote alongside a video. “Also ‘cause I’m such a lyrics person and Baari is a total lyrical beauty.”

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