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Meet the side-hustlers thriving off the Queen’s platinum jubilee

Meet the side-hustlers thriving off the Queen’s platinum jubilee

Hannah Foster has always had a flair for musical theatre. As a full-time primary school teacher, she loves to choreograph dance routines and facilitate art and craft activities for kids at special events. However, with the Queen’s platinum jubilee on the horizon, the Middlesex-based teacher finally saw a chance to use her talents in other ways. With the opportunity in sight, Foster decided to sign up for online and mobile marketplace Airtasker with the goal of using her abilities to make some extra cash in the lead-up to the bank holiday weekend.

There’s been a buzz in the air ahead of the platinum jubilee. A recent poll found that 63 per cent of Britons were planning to celebrate at some point over the 2-5 June weekend, which means there are lots of opportunities for people to put their skills to good use. In the run-up to the weekend, and as the UK continues to face a cost of living crisis, many people have begun using their skills as side-hustles. While some people are turning into princesses for kids, others are baking lavish cakes, or planning illustrious themed parties. Essentially: if you can imagine it, you can do it.

“I adore working with children of all ages and spending my free time entertaining kids at parties, weddings, and events,” Foster, who has been working as a kids’ entertainer during the jubilee, tells The Independent. “On the weekends, I can be found dressed up as your favourite superhero or princess, hosting children’s birthday parties or keeping little ones engaged.” Crediting her recent side-hustle’s success to Airtasker, where she charges approximately £150-200 for one party, Foster said the company “is a fantastic marketplace to secure more work and meet new clients during this season”.

Jubilee kids’ entertainer Hannah Foster

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London-based Reese, who is a physiotherapist and an amateur painter, decided to put his artistic skills to use to earn some extra income over the past month. “I printed some flyers and distributed them in my area,” he says. “In a matter of days, I got countless calls from my neighbours to ask whether I was available to face-paint at their respective private parties.”

Airtasker’s CEO Tim Fung says that the platinum jubilee is all about people coming together to celebrate this historic milestone. “With plenty of street parties and planned social events, London will be buzzing, so this is a great chance for Britons to offer their skills and earn cash ahead of the jubilee celebration,” he adds. Fung points to a Southwark-based man named Rhys Whittock, who started working as a Prince Harry lookalike to help people add “a bit of celebrity to jubilee events”.

Rhys Whittock, who works as a Prince Harry lookalike

(Cherish PR)

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Journalist Dan Carrier has also signed up to Airtasker to make use of his talents. Carrier, who grew up around Camden and has spent many years DJing in his free time, built a bike with a trailer a few years ago and produced the ultimate sound system on wheels. With the jubilee coming up, Carrier says he has been able to “earn some cash doing what I love”. He earns an estimated £250-300 per event, and he plans on using this month’s extra cash towards a holiday this summer.

Organisers for jubilee-themed events are in hot demand, too, as Sarah Babs-Apata, who runs her own design business in Headstone, London, has found. She has also started a side-hustle in the events and decoration industry. In the past month, Apata has been successful in planning medium-sized events for her clients, who have commended her on putting on a “show-stopping jubilee party”. “I can help set up the perfect Jubilee celebration to make this weekend one to remember,” Apata says, adding that she can create dazzling balloon and table displays and even help with invites or guest lists.

While the nation may be celebrating the Queen, it seems others will have something extra to celebrate too.

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