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Kulith Kalan Recipe: How To Make This Dal-Based Drink For Healthy Diet

Kulith Kalan Recipe: How To Make This Dal-Based Drink For Healthy Diet

Dal plays a constant role in our everyday life. In fact, dal defines comfort for most of us. You can have it as dal chawal, dal khichdi, dal soup and more. One of the major reasons for its inclusion in our everyday diet is its availability and accessibility. Easily available everywhere, you will get different varieties of dal – each of which is healthy to the core. While masoor, moong, toor etc. are the most common dals in our pantry, there are some varieties that need much exploration. One such variety is called kulith. Also referred to as gahat or horsegram, kulith is deemed to be a super pulse because of its rich nutrient profile. This ancient food ingredient is loaded with protein, iron, fibre, calcium and more. 

Health Benefits Of Kulith Dal: 

1. Promotes Weight Loss: 

Kulith dal is loaded with protein and fibre that aid digestion and metabolism and also keep us full for long. These factors further help promote weight loss

2. Prevents Kidney Stone: 

Kulith dal is astringent in nature and has diuretic properties. These factors help promote detoxification, further preventing us from kidney stone. 

3. Prevents Cold And Flu: 

Kulith gram also helps prevent several common seasonal diseases including cold and flu, thanks to the polyphenol content in it. Besides, it helps warm you up from within, preventing cold. 

4. Aids Skin Health: 

Kulith has high-protein content that further helps flush out toxins from our body. This helps promote skin health and remove dark circles. 

5. Promotes Immunity: 

All these nutrients further help nourish us from within, promoting overall health and immunity. 

Now that you know the benefits of kulith, we suggest including it in your daily diet and enjoying overall good health. Wonder how to include kulith in your diet? Fret not, we have found a perfect recipe for you – kulith kalan. Kulith kalan is a delicious soup-like drink that is prepared using the dal, buttermilk and spices. This recipe has been shared on the official Instagram handle of celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. Take a look. 

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Kulith dal is loaded with nutrients. 

How To Make Kulith Kalan: 

First, pressure cook kulith dal and take the water in a glass. 

Take some buttermilk in another glass. 

Now prepare a tadka using ghee, jeera, green chilli, hing and curry leaves. 

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Take some dal water in a bowl, add the tadka to it, then the buttermilk and mix. 

Transfer to a glass and drink. 

That’s it. The recipe is as simple as it sounds. Watch the detailed recipe below. 

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Try this drink at home and enjoy overall good health during summer. 

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