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Jesse Watters: Biden doesn’t care about mass shootings in America’s inner cities

Jesse Watters: Biden doesn’t care about mass shootings in America’s inner cities

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Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed President Biden and the liberal Democrats for ignoring “violence in America’s inner cities,” Thursday night on “Jesse Watters Primetime.

JESSE WATTERS: What we don’t expect to hear much about tonight is violence in America’s inner cities. Most of the mass shootings which have taken place – mass shootings are defined as shootings where four or more people are shot at a time – take place with handguns in urban America. The year’s already been bloody, with homicides already on pace to top last year’s highs in many cities, and the summer hasn’t even started yet. Most of them you’ll never hear about – these mass shootings, they don’t fit the media’s narrative. According to the FBI’s latest data, in 2020, there were more than 8,000 murders using handguns. But for some reason, Joe Biden won’t talk about that. The gangs shooting at each other in the South Side of Chicago aren’t using AR-15s. The guns they’re using are hot guns. Criminals don’t follow the law. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country, but it’s the murder capital of the country. Think about that for a second. 47 people were shot just this last weekend there.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks from the Roosevelt Room of the White House on the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school.
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But Biden doesn’t care. If he did, he’d talk about it and neither did Chicago’s mayor. When a reporter pointed out that the city’s violent rep is scaring away tourists, she completely lost it.

It’d be nice if she got mad at the gangs slaughtering innocent kids on her streets instead of the reporters asking questions about it. It’s not just Chicago, though. Remember Philadelphia’s D.A., Larry Krasner? He said the city doesn’t have a crime problem.


Fast-forward to this weekend, over 40 people were shot in Philly, my hometown. Sounds like a crisis to me, Larry. Pretending violence isn’t real leaves more innocent people dead. And tightening gun laws just means the only people who can get guns are criminals. We need commonsense solutions, not the same old ideas that have been making the entire country more dangerous year after year. Is Biden ready to look at the facts and protect Americans? 

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I’ve laid out on the air specific policies to harden schools and beef up red flag laws. These are easy, common-sense solutions all Americans can agree on. We’ve also discussed on the show the need to keep violent criminals off the streets. And we’ve also discussed the attack on masculinity in America, how the toxic internet and COVID shutdowns are polluting people’s minds. The politicians just need to get it together and do their job now.


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