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Jahnvi Kapoor to revive Sridevi’s role in ‘Mr. India’

Jahnvi Kapoor to revive Sridevi’s role in ‘Mr. India’

Filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar opened up about his ambitious Mr India trilogy and said that it will have no connection with Shekhar Kapur’s 1987 original, which starred Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in the lead roles. He said that his Mr India will be an entirely new film, of international standards.

When asked if Janhvi Kapoor will step into her mother Sridevi’s shoes in the new Mr India, Ali said that producer Boney Kapoor ‘will be really happy if that happens’. Sridevi played a journalist in the original.

Talking to The Times of India about his Mr India, Ali said, “It will be a collaboration between Boney Kapoor and Zee. We shall be shooting in India and abroad as well. A large part of it will be on the sets as it will be very heavy on special effects. But, it has got nothing to do with Anil Kapoor’s Mr India; it’s a new sci-fi film, with a big budget and high production values. We want to create characters like the Avengers. This Mr India will be of international standards.”

When asked if Boney’s son, actor Arjun Kapoor, will be a part of Mr India, Ali said that they are yet to zero in on the cast. However, he said that Boney ‘will be really happy’ if his daughter Janhvi is cast in Sridevi’s role.

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Last year, Ali said in a statement while announcing the Mr India trilogy, “It is a huge responsibility to carry forward an iconic character that has been loved by Indians for so many years.”

However, the announcement was met with opposition from Shekhar Kapur. “No one has even asked me or mentioned to me about this film called Mr India 2. I can only guess that they using the title to get a big weekend. For they cannot use the characters/story without permission from the original creators of the film,” he wrote on Twitter.

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