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Health Tips: Here’s How You Can Effectively Include More Protein To Your Diet

Health Tips: Here’s How You Can Effectively Include More Protein To Your Diet

Protein is helpful not only for people trying to gain more muscle mass but equally so for people trying to lose weight at the same time. Having a healthy and regular protein diet is important for the growth and maintenance of the tissues, which also keeps you protected from dizzy spells or any other type of weakness. As such, how can you ensure that your protein consumption levels are substantial? There are several ways in which you can ensure that your body is receiving enough protein.

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Begin your day with a protein-rich breakfast
While the first meal is the most important meal of the day, adding a portion of protein to it will ensure that you remain significantly full and are charged up enough for the rest of the day. While sausages and eggs are a common addition to breakfast meals, you can switch it up by adding protein powders in your morning smoothies to munching on a protein-rich snack bar.

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Keep your protein portions packed and ready-to-go
While preparing protein-rich foods may be a bit of a process, that should not stop you from getting your daily dose of macros. Make time on your days off, or on the weekend to prepare and pack protein that can be included in meals. Boil, shred, and store chicken to be added to soups, salads, and sandwiches later. If you’re looking for vegetarian options, cut and marinate tofu, pre-soak lentils such as moong or rajma, or prepare sprouts that can easily be eaten.

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Eat larger portions of protein
If you’re struggling to meet your protein requirements in a day, just eat a larger portion size than you’d normally eat, a few times a week. Just adding egg whites, shrimp, and lean sources of protein such as dairy can significantly increase your protein intake. Also, it is important to experiment with different sources of protein to keep your palate appetizing enough. Try out nuts such as almonds, soy products, and legumes to keep it interesting.

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