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Hairdresser goes viral on TikTok with hair washing hack

Hairdresser goes viral on TikTok with hair washing hack

A hairdresser has gone viral on TikTok after showing her followers how to correctly wash their hair, offering her personal tips.

Amy, who goes by on the video-sharing platform, claimed that you should be using a generous amount of shampoo for the first wash before following this up with a second dose of shampoo that you can use just to wash your scalp.

In the video, the hair stylist demonstrated her technique while telling followers what to do.

“Thoroughly wet your hair, spread the shampoo over your hands and evenly distribute the shampoo all over your scalp,” she began.

“Using the tips of your fingers, massage the shampoo all over your scalp. Don’t miss your hairline or nape.

“Rinse and repeat. Focus on the scalp. Use the suds to gently pass through the ends.”

Amy added: “Apply conditioner to the ends, avoiding the roots. Let it sit for a minute or two, [then do a] cool rinse if you can stand it.”

It sounds simple enough, but Amy’s video has already garnered more than 56,000 likes and hundreds of comments from followers claiming to be blown away by the information.

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“I was curious and tried this, and my hair is super soft and feels cleaner. Excuse me, what?” commented oner person.

Another added that it had also worked for them, writing: “I have oily hair and actually noticed a difference shampooing twice! Felt and looked cleaner.”

Other people offered their own tips, with one writing: “It’s always a good tip to gently squeeze the excess water out your hair before applying conditioner so it’s not diluted completely by the wet hair”.

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