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Hadiqa Kiani and Hadia Hashmi are collaborating for an upcoming video

Hadiqa Kiani and Hadia Hashmi are collaborating for an upcoming video

Pakistan’s top singer Hadiqa Kiani and young Bol Hu sensation Hadia Hashmi are working in collaboration. The song is expected to be releasing on New Year’s Eve, also featuring  qawwal Fareed Ayaz and newcomer Ali Tariq.

The song called Ilahi, with a motivational ring to it, is composed and produced by Azaan Sami Khan, popular for his recent number Haye Dil Bechara from Parey Hut Love.

Hadiqa Kiani shared a photo with Hadia and captioned the post .

“With Pakistan’s brightest young nightingale, #HadiaHashmi; working on a fabulous new project together,”

She also said “Hadiya reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger because I would perform at these competitions on PTV as well when I was a child,”.

Hadia Hashmi became an international sensation after singing Nescafe Basement’s Bol Hu and has been crowned Lux Style Awards 2020 the Singer of the Year.

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Musician Sonu Nigam previously praised the Nescafe Basement’s Bol Hu and took to social media to reawaken the audience’s love, jamming to little Hadia’s vocals at home.

“After so many days, something has touched my heart. Ooff, what a song, what lyrics, what composition!” he exclaimed. Feeling visibly overwhelmed, the singer couldn’t stop praising the work, the lyrics, the sound, and the final product that left him mesmerised.

“I did not imagine that to this date, there would be a song that could have the potential to make you cry a river,” he said emotionally, sending prayers and best wishes to the little champ.

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