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From Anushka Sharma To Disha Patani, Bollywood Celebs On World Environment Day

From Anushka Sharma To Disha Patani, Bollywood Celebs On World Environment Day

Anushka Sharma and Disha Patani. (courtesy: anushkasharma) (courtesy: dishapatani)

It’s World Environment Day. And, people from all walks of life have come forward to spread awareness about the ways one can protect the environment. Joining the list is our Bollywood celebrities. First up is Disha Patani. Through her post, Disha is urging people to sign the petition to end elephant riding. She has shared an infographic by Wildlife SOS that talks about elephants and their importance in wildlife. It read, “Known as “Bio-Engineers” of the forest, Asian elephants are critical to the survival of jungles. Without elephants, our lush green environment would cease to exist.” The poster also mentioned, “The population of elephants has reduced by 50% over the last three generations. The majestic mammals are being captured for the tourism and begging industries.” 


Karisma Kapoor has come up with a World Environment Day special video on Instagram Stories. Here, we can see beautiful flowers in the garden. The note read, “Happy World Environment Day. When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.”


Anushka Sharma, who is quite vocal about environmental protection and wildlife conservation, has dropped a powerful message on Instagram Stories. She has shared a thought that read, “A great learning experience for kids I think, even for adults… And about how to take care of our environment and learn from it.” She marked the day by talking about the love and care we, as individuals, can give the animals, and basically every creature to grow and live.  


Madhuri Dixit’s husband Dr Shriram Nene has posted a video on Instagram that featured the couple standing beside large tortoises. For the caption, he stated, “Land Tortoises live up to 300 years. Imagine what these guys have seen. We have to do our best to protect the environment and the Earth so we have a world worth living in for all beings. Happy World Environment Day.” Dr Nene also added the hashtags “World Environment Day” and “Protect the Earth.”

Highlighting the importance of marine life, Rakul Preet Singh has pulled out an underwater video from her holiday album. She captioned the post saying, “Not just the soil, there is a whole world below the ocean that needs our care .. let’s be planet-friendly… World Environment Day.” She also added this year’s theme as a part of her hashtag,  “Only one earth.”

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Happy  World Environment Day, everyone.

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