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CokeFest: Pakistan’s first ever digital music festival scheduled to go live on November 20-22, 2020

CokeFest: Pakistan’s first ever digital music festival scheduled to go live on November 20-22, 2020

Coca-Cola is planning to introduce Pakistan’s very first virtual festival, the CokeFest 2020.The three-day CokeFest 2020 is scheduled to go live from November 20 to November 22.

While Covid-19 brought a full stop to organizing live and large public events, Coca-Cola took the initiative to bring to life this event by working together with Pakistan’s online music streaming platform Patari and on-demand video streaming platform Tapmad, to produce a unique and engaging virtual experience and music performances for all the music lovers around the country.

Fahad Ashraf, GM Pakistan and Afghanistan at The Coca-Cola Export Corporation said, “Coca-Cola is disrupting the new normal by creating a virtual event enabled through latest technologies. With CokeFest 2020, we wanted to avoid large gatherings whilst still keeping the spirit of music alive. So we brought some of the best musical talent in Pakistan together with the country’s leading tech companies, to bring you a virtual experience that feels as close as possible to attending an actual musical concert.”

Zarlasht Faisal, CEO of Patari said, “Throughout the year, people have seen a lot of social media live events but what we wanted to do was to recreate the experience of being at a digital music festival through engagement with our audiences; we were looking to do something that could have an emotional connection with people.”

While describing the technical approach of planning this event’s virtual experience, Yassir Pasha, CEO of Tapmad said “We already made progress on a conventional one-way communication, whereby we offer content to a user and they consume it in a passive way. However, in order to engage the users for longer duration, we pursued a strategy to create a two-way communication in terms of content integration with the user.”

FoodPanda is the official food partner for CokeFest 2020, and they will be providing over 200,000 discount vouchers over the course of the festival from some of the best restaurants in Pakistan.

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Free for all, albeit, to participate in the event, attendees are called for to register in order to stream performances on Tapmad.

Diverse range of performances will be seen by leading names rocking the local music scene, including the adorable 9-year-old Pakistani rapper Kaky Thou$and to the ethereal Natasha Baig following a line-up with top talent and ear-candy. Some of the other brilliant acts will include Sirine Jahangir, Shamoon Ismail, SomeWhatSuper, Young Stunners, ESharp, Abdullah Siddiqui, XPolymer Dar, and veteran rock star Ali Noor, who has a surprise in store for all.

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