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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

June 4, 2022

Trust your hunches, Capricorn. All weekend long, the moon hovers in your mystical eighth house, heightening your sixth sense. If you get an intuitive hit, investigate—and don’t worry about being polite. A dear friend could reveal that they’re going through a rough patch, confirming your hunch. If you’re the one who needs to discuss a sensitive personal matter, don’t bottle it up! It may feel scary to get so vulnerable, but putting those spinning thoughts into words will bring major relief. Also on Saturday, your ruler, heavy-hitting Saturn pivots into its yearly retrograde, sliding backward through Aquarius and your second house of finances until October 23. Liquid assets could be a little scarcer in the coming five months, so be prepared to pinch some pennies. While it’s never fun to tighten your belt, this cycle could prompt some healthier fiscal habits that keep you flush in the future. And don’t forget the income column. Could a summer side-gig help you get back in the black?

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