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Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer Daily Horoscope

June 5, 2022

You’ve been toiling away diligently, Cancer, and your persistence is admirable. But if you’re close to your goal, resist the urge to rush through the crucial final stages of this project. The little things can make a big difference, so pay attention to those details! Thankfully, the moon is in Leo all weekend long, bringing the creativity you need to make those important last minute touches. Just don’t forget to proofread! Also on Saturday, weighty Saturn begins its annual retrograde, retreating through Aquarius and your mystical, intimate eighth house until October 23. This period of soul searching could bring some profound insights about what (and who) you want to draw closer. Don’t be surprised if you need a little extra space from people—even the ones you cherish and love dearly. You may worry that the time apart will prevent the connection from blossoming, but the opposite is true. The more centered you are in yourself, the easier it is for you to share with your trademark generosity.

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