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Ankita Lokhande Treats Herself To Cake On Completing 13 Years In The Industry

Ankita Lokhande Treats Herself To Cake On Completing 13 Years In The Industry

For Ankita Lokhande, it’s been a wonderful time in the entertainment industry. The actress has completed 13 shining years in this career and we see her acing her acting skills. But here’s something more about this special day. To mark her presence in the industry for 13 years, Ankita Lokhande is celebrating the day with delicious food. Can you guess what’s the centre-piece of this celebration? The actress posted a photo of a drool-worthy two-tier cake. The cake has a pink glaze with white chocolate dripping from the tops. Gold foil leaves are stuck into the sides of the cake. The cake topper read “Congratulations 13”. The cake is marvellously decorated with fabric roses, leaves and shiny balls in shades of golden and blue.

A celebration is incomplete without cakes. And, it seems no one knows it better than Ankita Lokhande. She marked the success of her TV serial Pavitra Rishta 2.0 by cutting a cake. This time, she was present with her co-stars from the show. The cake was a two-tier strawberry delight. Take a look:

Ankita Lokhande’s love for cakes is known to her fans. Whenever the actress needs to celebrate an event, she gets delectable cakes to add charm to the day. And, we are lucky to get glimpses of these sweetmeats through social media. This year’s birthday cake for the actress was special. It was her first birthday after her marriage to Vicky Jain. Her first birthday celebration as Mrs Jain was graced by a pink Pinata cake embellished with chocolate frosting and pink sprinkles. She shared videos of the mouth-watering treat on Instagram Stories. In the videos, she was seen breaking the piñata with great enthusiasm. There were two other cakes too during the midnight party. Read all about it here.

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Ankita Lokhande’s bachelorette party also included delicious cakes. Our eyes were blessed to see them on our social media feed. On cake featured floral detailing on the side and a “sitting girl silhouette” topper. In one photo, we notice three other cakes. One is a strawberry cake with pink flowers tucked into it and shimmery gold leaves. There’s a chocolate cake with kiwi on the top. The third cake is decorated with white and yellow cream.

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Ankita Lokhande’s love for cakes is totally relatable.

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