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An Epoch of K-Pop in Pakistan

An Epoch of K-Pop in Pakistan

If I am perfectly honest, it’s been 5 years and counting of me being a K-Pop fan. I mean these groups have everything you can ever imagine of, Talent, Visuals, Personality, Charisma, Multilinguals, and Bilinguals.

K-Pop is pop music originating from South-Korea. Some groups concretely taking over Pakistan are BTS, BlackPink, EXO, Twice, Red Velvet, Monsta X and many that follow.

BTS is a group that has the most well-built fanbase in Pakistan, BTS is a group comprising 7 members who in recent years have gained popularity and a massive fanbase called “ARMY”. Army is such a dedicated fan base that they have furthered BTS to achieve many world breaking records which only BTS themselves can break with their own comebacks. iHeartRadio Music devoted an award for Army as the “Best Fandom” in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

K-Pop in general is rising in aspects of fame. Recalling the time around 2017-19 K-Pop was getting a lot of hate in Pakistan, and everyone was judging a book by its cover but now things seem to have cooled down and presently there is a strong fanbase of various groups in Pakistan. The reason K-Pop was getting hate in the first place was because people were oblivious and not accepting a new genre of music in the community.

These groups especially BTS are known to convey comforting and soothing messages particularly for people having a hard time and help them overcome their problems through their deep lyrics and speeches and this is one of the superior factors of K-Pop having a blooming fandom which is nowhere near to fade away.

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In 2016-18 I feared talking about K-Pop in Pakistan as I knew that I was going to be made fun of along with the particulars of K-Pop I was talking about, but now whenever and wherever I talk about K-Pop I always find many mutual fans present at that place. There are 100’s and 1000’s of fan accounts of different groups in Pakistan who have an unrealistic number of followers.

Even Though K-Pop has grown strong in the Pakistani community , there are still a lot of anti- fans and that’s okay because everyone has a different taste and opinion but I would rather suggest to go and explore the K-Pop community yourselves, than to listen to others and judge Korean music according to their views.

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